Mystery prisoner has Utah jail authorities stumped

  Since when is it "illegal" to refuse to tell the police your name? What part of the 5th Amendment don't these piggies understand?

F*ck that stuff about being innocent until proven guilty. The government seems to assume that this man is guilty of something until he proves he isn't a fugitive.

I have been arrested a number of times for "looking like a criminal".

Each and every time I have refused to tell the police my name.

They usually make all kinds of threats on how they are going to jail me for the rest of my life if I don't tell them my name.

They always illegally search me looking for an ID card which I don't have.

Then after an hour or two they usually release me and more or less tell me I am a jerk for thinking I have "Constitutional rights".

71 year old man in Utah who refuses to tell the police his name

If you see this man, please shake his hand, thank him and and buy him a beer for his refusal to tell the police his name.

If everybody took the Fifth Amendment and refused to tell the police anything the world would be a lot safer from police tyranny.


Mystery prisoner has Utah jail authorities stumped


By James Nelson

Reuters Sat, Jul 23, 2011

PROVO, Utah (Reuters) - A mystery man arrested on minor charges more than three weeks ago remains behind bars in Utah while law enforcement officials try to determine his true identity, which he refuses to reveal.

"This is really a strange case," said Lt. Dennis Harris with the Utah County Sheriff's Office. "He just doesn't want to be found."

The unidentified man, who has graying hair, a light beard and is believed to be in his 60's, was arrested on July 1 for trespassing in a parking garage.

He was booked into jail on three misdemeanor charges and has thwarted any chance of release, with or without bail, by refusing to identify himself.

"I've been trying to think from A to Z why he would want to stay here ... why he wouldn't give us any information," Harris said.

"He either has to be wanted by some other state or he could be on some other registry or database that has not shown up," he added.

Law enforcement officials say the man is "fairly well spoken and educated," but very guarded about his identity.

As a result of several short conversations with him, officers believe he may not be from Utah.

Officials gave the man a telephone calling card so he might contact friends or relatives, but he has not used it.

"He was very aware of what we were trying to do and he would not give us the slightest bit of information indicating where he was from or anything relating to his family situation," said Harris.

"We've had a lot of people call in but nothing has panned out. Nothing," he added.

Officials say in three weeks of jail the mystery man has shown a pleasant demeanor and has communicated that he is being treated well.

"He said the food has been great," Harris said.

"I realize that sometimes people want to go to jail because they are homeless, have nothing, they are destitute. I've seen that over the years. I just don't get the impression that's the reason. He just doesn't want to be discovered by somebody."

Now in his fourth week of incarceration, the man added another twist to the story recently by hinting he had business of some kind outside prison that he would need to attend to.

"He said there was a point at some time that he would need to get out of jail," Harris said. "That's the closest I can find of what he wants to do. And that makes no sense to me whatsoever."


Man refuses to give name, police seek help in identification

July 22nd, 2011 @ 1:07pm

By Randall Jeppesen

PROVO -- A man who doesn't want anyone to know who he is has been sitting in the Utah County jail for three weeks. Police say he was arrested on minor charges, but they can't just let him out.

John Doe, as they have been forced to call him, was arrested for trespassing after he was spotted hanging around the parking garage of the Provo City offices, looking into cars. Police told him to leave three times, but he refused and was arrested July 1.

From that day since, he hasn't told anyone who he is, where he came from, or what he was doing in Provo.

Utah County Sheriff's Lt. Dennis Harris said they are baffled. They've told him he was arrested on minor misdemeanor charges and that if he tells them his name, he would probably be let out for time served. A judge did give him a $1,200 cash-only bail, but he hasn't come up with any cash, and it doesn't look like he's made any attempt to get the money. For now, he just sits in jail.

Who to contact:

Utah County Sheriff's Office - Corrections Bureau

Lt. Scott Carter - 801-851-4202

"There's a possibility maybe he's wanted in another state. Maybe he's on some registry or database where he failed to register," said Harris. "We've gone the gamut with this guy and he's just cool as can be. He just absolutely does not want us to know who he is."

Police did run his finger prints, which turned up nothing. Harris says the man acts as if it's his first time in jail. Police even offered to help him out and to look for a job if he would just tell them his name, but still nothing.

Police hope someone recognizes the man's mug shot and calls them.

Harris also said they have had people not give them their name in the past, but they usually figure out who it is within a day or two.

But not this John Doe. He even told police he will want to get out some time -- he just didn't say when that time will be.



Man refuses to identify himself, officials seek help from public

Daily Herald

Friday, July 22, 2011

PROVO -- Police arrested an elderly man on July 1 for criminal trespass, but weeks later he still refuses to provide authorities with his name. Now, the Utah County Sheriff's Office hopes the public can help identify the man.

According to Sheriff's Lt. Dennis Harris, the man is about 71 years old and was booked into jail on three misdemeanor charges. He did not have any identification with him and will not tell authorities his name. A judge set his bail at $1,200, but he remains in jail.

"You hate to see somebody still stay in jail just because they're so stubborn," Harris said. "We don't want to see anybody in here longer than they should be."

Police have been referring to the man simply as "John Doe." He is described as a white male, about 6 feet 2 inches and weighing 175 pounds. He has blue eyes and gray hair.

Harris said that officials suspect he may be from out of state because he didn't seem aware of things commonly seen in Utah. Specifically, Harris said that at one point authorities learned that the man had not ever heard of DI, or Deseret Industries.

Harris said that occasionally people refuse to give police basic identification information, but that they usually break down after sitting for a few days in jail. In the case of John Doe, however, authorities haven't been able to learn anything.

"It leads you to believe they're hiding something," Harris said, "which may or may not be the case with this individual."

Anyone with information about the man is encouraged to call Lt. Scott Carter at (801) 851-4202.


Police need help identifying 71-year-old man

Submitted by Brittany Green, Fox 13 Web Content Producer

Friday, July 22nd, 10:17 am

Police need help identifying 71-year-old man

Provo police are asking for help from the public in identifying a man who is currently being held in the Utah County Jail.

The 71-year-old man was arrested July 1 but refused to give his name or any other personal information to officers.

He is charged with interfering with an investigation, failure to give information to a police officer and criminal tresspass.

The man is currently booked under the name John Doe. He is 6'02", 175 pounds with grey hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information about the man is asked to call the Utah County Sheriff's Office.


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