Va. men in disguises get licenses



Va. men in disguises get licenses

Zinie Chen Sampson
Associated Press
Dec. 21, 2006 12:00 AM

RICHMOND, Va. - With their skin painted bright red, spray-on hair and oversized fake teeth, the Virginia men looked a little like teenagers from Pluto, but the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles issued them driver's licenses all the same.

But after videos of the prank gained notoriety on the Internet, it was the DMV's turn to be red-faced, and has ordered the men to pose for new license photos or lose their driving privileges.

Posted on, the video features scenes of Will Carsola spray-painting his face and neck bright red and Dave Stewart painting the top of his head black and sticking a row of fake buckteeth in his mouth in an Asian caricature. They each enter the DMV office and return with real licenses with photos of their new likenesses.

"We were like, 'There's no way this is going to work,' " Stewart said. The independent filmmakers, both 27, did the pranks as part of a new movie, "and it escalated from there," Stewart said. The men will get new licenses.

DMV spokesman Bill Foy said their action wasn't illegal, because they didn't obscure their appearance with hats or sunglasses, but they did abuse the system. The state agency will consider tightening its rules regarding customers suspected of being in disguise or distorting their appearance, but Foy said it's walking a fine line to have DMV employees determine whether a customer "looks right."