Screwed by the U.S. Post Office

Can't pick up returned mail without an ID

  I filed a lawsuit against a former employer who cheated me out of my pay check.

That was pretty easy. I filed the lawsuit and paid the Justice of the Peace court about $50.

Then to serve the jerks who cheated me out of my wages I mailed a certified letter to them with a copy of the lawsuit. I don't remember what it cost, but it was expensive. I think something like $10 for each certified letter I sent, and I had to make 3 certified letters. So it was around $30 total for all 3 of the letters I sent.

OK, so the deadbeats I am suing didn't pick up the certified letters and of course the U.S. Post Office returned the letters to me.

But I had to sign for the letters, and of course that is when I got screwed.

I tried to pick up the letters, but the jerks at the Post Office said I had to have an ID card to pick up the letters. And of course they refused to give me a copy of the letters.

I explained to the manager at the Post Office that I had the key to the post office box, and that I was the only person who used the post office box, but I guess trying to use logic and reason on a government bureaucrat is something that doesn't cut it.


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