Man jailed for using someone else’s Social Security number

It is a felony to use someone else’s Social Security number in Arizona

  This poor man is being demonized by the police and newspaper. He didn’t steal any money. He didn’t defraud anyone. He didn’t try to steal or defraud anyone. He doesn’t have a Social Security number so he made one up and used it. For that he is being charged with a number of felonies!

Last but not least even if the man is an “illegal” he appears to have worked hard and been rather successful while living in America. He has worked hard enough to buy two homes and two cars.

I agree with the guy. The cops should be arresting real criminals.


Identity theft suspect racked up $787,000 in debt

by Jennifer D'Ottavio - Jun. 4, 2008 11:43 AM

The Arizona Republic

Police arrested a Mesa man Tuesday on suspicion of identity theft after he tried to buy a $33,000 truck using somebody else's Social Security number, according to a report.

Investigators said Adan Betancio Guerrero, 36, racked up more than $787,000 in debt since 2001 using the number, including cars and homes.

He has also been using the 24-year-old victim's Social Security number to get work, police said.

Police made the arrest after Guerrero attempted to buy a truck and it was discovered during a credit check that another customer had the same Social Security number.

Tax records show that Guerrero has used other Social Security numbers prior to 2002 to obtain employment, according to police.


Alleged Mesa ID thief says police should bust real criminals

Jun. 5, 2008 06:41 AM

Associated Press

A suspected identity thief accused of racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal charges says police should be out there busting "real criminals" instead of family men like himself, court records show.

Adan Betancio Guerrero, 36, of Mesa is accused of stealing a Social Security number and using it to purchase two homes and two vehicles.

Court records show Betancio ran up $787,000 in loans and even tried getting a job using the victim's personal information.

Authorities started looking into the case after a credit union doing a loan on a $33,000 truck noticed that they already had a customer with the same Social Security number.

They contacted the customer, a 24-year-old woman, and learned her identity had been stolen.

Betancio also told police he is an illegal immigrant.