Legally getting an identification card with out ID

Getting a legal government issued photo ID in your real name or perhaps a fake name

  Getting a real government issued ID card in your name or a fake name.

I thought that it would be impossible for me to get a government issued photo ID because I donít have a birth certificate. But I have met a number of other homeless people who have said it can be done. And not just done but done legally.

The two people both gave me the names and addresses of a person to contact at a homeless shelter or other government aid program for homeless people. They said that person would arrange to get me ID despite the fact that I donít have any existing government issued photo IDs or a birth certificate.

Although I thought both people were on crack and babbling bullshit I wrote down the names. But yesterday I was at a jobs fair put on by non-profit agencies looking for people to work for free and do community service. One of those agencies was one of those homeless shelter and the guy there told me that even though I donít have any government issued photo ID that if I come by his agency in Mesa they could get me a government issued photo ID.

Ok. Here are the names


I was at the Maricopa County Court House and some folks were having a protest about a court hearing about prop 207. This guy who I think is named Mike and is a Libertarian told me I could get a government issued photo id from this place.
12th street and Madison
next to CASS (some other homeless program)
phoenix, Arizona
he said to:
  1. go there at 7:30 am
  2. sign up
  3. ask for Paster Dave
I guess Pastor Dave can get me an id. He said Paster Dave will get me all the papers that I need.

Southwest Behavioral Health Services

The guy who I have talked to on the 66 bus who lives at Oak and 64th Street says this lady can help get me a government issued photo id. Her name is
L J Reynolds
Southwest Behavioral Health Services
Homeless Outreach Specialist Path Program
1125 W Jackson
Phoenix, Az
(602)258-4769 - fax

He is also the guy I met in the ASU library. I think he is homeless but with the help of the government they steal our money and give it to him so he can rent a place to live and buy food without working.

He has told me he would show me how to do the Same thing. I think it involves going down to Value Options and signing up for free government services.

But hey I am a Libertarian and I donít live off of government welfare.

Sadly I suspect a large number of people do. I bet Mr. Liberal is on the dole and pays his rent with stolen government he gets from Value Options. Mr. Liberal probably also pays for his food with stolen government money called food stamps.

Paz de Cristo Community Center

This last place I wound was part of a job fair at MCC where they were looking for people to work for free at non-profit groups. I talked to the guy at the booth and he said that if you donít have any identification they can help you get a piece of government issued photo ID. They also give food to homeless people and help people in other ways. They also give out hot meals everyday. And they give out food boxes.

They are:

Paz de Cristo Community Center
427 W Broadway
Mesa, Arizona

Roger Halvorson
Opportunity Program Coordinator

Some of the programs they listed on the handout are:
  • Identification Program
  • Community Resources
  • Computers (Check it out do they have computers you can use to get on the web?)
  • Job Development
  • Job Leads
  • Housing Information
  • Emergency Food and Clothing
  • Resumes
  • Education
  • Training Referrals
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Telephone Access (Can they take messages from people who call you? Do they have a phone you can use?)
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