Papers Please - Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

  Hmmm... Before you can enter Davis-Monthan Air Base in Tucson you have to prove your not a criminal! If you love the police state say "Hiel Hitler", or maybe "Hiel Bush" or "Hiel Obama"


Tucson AFB turns away 150 criminals

Aug. 20, 2011 02:24 PM

Associated Press

TUCSON - About 150 drug traffickers, registered sex offenders, violent felons and other convicts have been turned away in recent months at the gate while trying to enter Tucson's Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

The Arizona Daily Star says a dozen illegal immigrants with fake driver's licenses also were intercepted under a new base policy that requires criminal background checks for those without military affiliation.

Some rejected for entry had been invited on base by military personnel or their families. Others were employed by contractors coming on base to work.

The new policy has been in effect since May.

Among those banned from entering Davis-Monthan are those with drug-possession convictions within the last five years and those found guilty of drug trafficking, felony violence, arson, robbery or burglary within the last decade.


Papers Please