No Medical treatment for sick people with out ID

  The cruel sadistic government tyrants at the Arizona Department of Health Services say that sick people who don't have an Arizona Drivers license or an Arizona ID card are not allowed to get medical services.

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These are my notes from when I tried to get a medical marijuana prescription or medical marijuana recommendation as it is officially called.

On Thursday Sept 29, 2011 at about 11 or maybe a little later when I was eating at Del Taco I called the folks at Arizona 420 Evaluations and asked if I could make an appointment to come in for and get a medical marijuana prescription. There number is (480)423-7328

They told me there was no need to make an appointment and that I should just come on down anytime between 11am and 5:30pm

At about 1:25 pm I caught the Link bus at Chandler and Arizona Avenue go to Arizona 420 Evaluations.

When I got to Mesa I then hopped on the light rail and took that to the Rural & University station in Tempe.

From there I walked to the bus stop on the northeast side of Rural Road and University and caught the 72 bus which I took to Oak Street & Scottsdale Road.

From Scottsdale Road & Oak I walked a block north and then to the west side of Scottsdale Road which is 2334 N Scottsdale Road.

From there I found unit number 112 which is where the Arizona 420 Evaluations is located and does business.

When I got inside the office was packed there was a big line of sick people waiting to get their medical marijuana prescriptions.

I suspect I got there slightly before 3pm.

The first thing that happened was one of the several ladies behind the counter or desk or whatever asked me for an Arizona Drivers License or an Arizona Identification card.

I don't know her name but here initials are JRH or something like that. I am having a hard time reading her handwriting.

She told me that I could get a Arizona medical marijuana prescription or recommendation if I didn't have an Arizona ID card.

I told here that in that case I would have to sue the State of Arizona over the issue and asked her to give me a receipt or not saying I was refused service because I didn't have an Arizona issued drivers license or identification card.

I told her several time I wasn't angry with her, or her business, but that I was very angry with the state of Arizona for their insane position that in Arizona sick people can't see a doctor unless they have a government issued photo Id.

She gave me receipt number 030543 which is just a receipt with the title Guest Check and she wrote on the front side of it:

AZ Medical Evaluations

Unable to provide service due to no State I.D.

2334 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, Arizona 85257

JRH AZ420 Eval

on the back side she wrote

AZ 420 Evaluations 2334 N Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85257


Unable to provide service due to no I.D.

Thank You JRH

When I was leaving I noted the time and it was slightly after 3pm.

Last if they gave there other customers receipts I should be able to use the check number which is 030543 to document the date and time I came there which was Thursday, Sept 29, 2011 at about 3pm.

I forgot to add that they are having a sale for the month of September and a visit to the office is $50 instead of the $99 listed on the ad.


Arizona 420 Evaluations, 2334 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona - (480)423-7328 - ad

Arizona 420 Evaluations - Side 1 Receipt # 030543, 3pm Thursday Sept 20, 2011

Arizona 420 Evaluations - Side 2 Receipt # 030543, 3pm Thursday Sept 20, 2011

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