Creating a fake email account makes you a felon in Arizona?


Hmmm.... does this mean if you create a bogus email account that doesnt use your REAL name the police can arrest you for identity theft?

ARS 13-2008. Taking identity of another person or entity; knowingly accepting identity of another person; classification

A. A person commits taking the identity of another person or entity if the person knowingly takes, purchases, manufactures, records, possesses or uses any personal identifying information or entity identifying information of another person or entity, including a real or fictitious person or entity, without the consent of that other person or entity, with the intent to obtain or use the other person's or entity's identity for any unlawful purpose or to cause loss to a person or entity whether or not the person or entity actually suffers any economic loss as a result of the offense, or with the intent to obtain or continue employment.


Officer, blogger investigated for harassment Web site targeted them, couple say

by Michael Ferraresi - Jul. 2, 2009 10:16 AM

The Arizona Republic

A local blog known for its off-color criticism of "all the bad cops in Phoenix" has at least one source inside the department, according to court records released Wednesday.

Now the blogger and his tipster are under investigation in connection with felony identity theft, computer tampering and misdemeanor crimes.

The search-warrant affidavit unsealed this week showed Phoenix detectives collected dozens of e-mails and text messages between Officer David Barnes and Jeff Pataky, founder of the Web site Barnes, who was demoted to patrol in 2008 for insubordination, is accused of sharing information with Pataky to target Sgt. Mike Polombo and his wife, Detective Heather Polombo. The couple urged the investigation, citing their reputations and careers were affected by the blog, records show.

Investigators requested the search warrant after a group of homicide detectives received a phony e-mail in July 2008 from an account set up in Heather Polombo's name.

The note promoted

Phoenix police had probable cause to believe Pataky "has met with David Barnes in person to facilitate the ongoing harassment of the Polombos," investigators wrote in the affidavit. has been particularly critical of Heather Polombo. The blog also has accused top police officials of corruption and cover-ups.

The harassment investigation began one year ago, around the time Barnes - then a homicide investigator - filed complaints about mismanaged evidence at the city's crime lab. The former detective was moved to the property room and later to patrol.

Barnes filed an unfair-labor-practice charge against Phoenix police last year.

He is set to go to hearing in September, according to the city's Employee Relations Board.

Dave Kothe, who represents Barnes through the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, said the officer denied having any involvement with the Web site.

He added that Barnes has never been interviewed by the department about anything stemming from the search warrant.

Pataky, a former software sales and marketing executive, and Phoenix police leaders declined comment Wednesday.

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