4th Amendment null and void over July 4th weekend

  Flushing the 4th down the toilet to protect us from terrorists. Im sure they won't arrest any terroristist but they problably will bust a few pot heads who actaully thought they had the right against being searched with out probable cause, but sadly found out that the 4th has been null and void for many years.


July 2, 2007
Sky Harbor begins random car searches
Donna Hogan, Tribune

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport began random car inspections on airport roadways today in response to a request by the Transportation Security Administration, Homeland Security’s airport watchdog organization.

The request was prompted by car bombings and attempted bombings at airports in the United Kingdom during the weekend.

The TSA did not raise the color-coded alert system, which remains at orange.

All airport entrances will be subject to the inspections, and airport officials suggest motorists slow down while entering the airport but only pull over if directed to do so by an officer.

Rush hour traffic entering Sky Harbor from the west experienced 5 to 10-minute delays today, said Deborah Ostreicher, Sky Harbor’s deputy aviation director.

The inspections takes less than two minutes per car, she said, but motorists can save time by taking boxes or other unnecessary gear out of the car before leaving home.

“The less in your vehicle the better,” Ostreicher said.

However, Sky Harbor suggests that passengers plan to arrive at least two hours before their scheduled departure time to avoid missing a flight during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year.

July is already one of Sky Harbor’s busiest months, and the July 4 holiday on Wednesday is expected to push the airport’s average daily passenger count to at least 100,000, Ostreicher said.

The random traffic stops will continue at least through the upcoming weekend, she said.